Founding Thoughts

Founding Thoughts…

About PAGO™ as a narrative and company of products

You’ve come this far, visiting and exploring our initial product offerings and ‘the world’ they stem from, IMAGO™.  Along this initial journey you’re taking with us, are a cast of characters as ‘action figurines’ along with being our protagonists and antagonists in a very deep and rich narrative.  All of it is underlined by our mission… “to foment a riot in the imagination!”

Thank you, for these visits to the World of IMAGO™; one, as founding artist/writer/engineer, I’ve created in service of stoking my fellow humans’ critical thinking skills.  All you’ll experience is meant to elicit your own creative enterprise with fun and a sense of adventure, or as I like to play with words, ‘art-venture’.  Why we refer to all our products as “Creative Art-venture Projects™”.

The true hope is, you, as a ‘fellow builder’ and reader, will find some elation experiencing the accomplishment you receive from building a character, vehicle and the architecture that stems from the entirety of a world constructed of paper; IMAGO™.  Maybe bits of my own personal journey will incite your own creative journey.  Our company, its myriad of products and stories, are the culmination of an inventive mind starting its journey many years ago when a parent gave their inquisitive six year old child a thin book on ‘Origami’; ‘folding paper’, an art using ‘applied geometry’…. A life’s journey was keenly set in motion from that moment.  This is the start of my life travels through school and a set of professions exploring related areas of design in graphics, architecture and industrial application.  All keenly connected with building concepts and products in paper and its thicker version, paperboard.

I should give great credence to my parents who understood young minds are the most precious aspects of the human endeavor.  All we become is rooted in those early moments.  Mine were a set of moments such as the gift of the book on origami and many trips to museums of all types.  Also, travels via a tiny vacation trailer during Summer breaks where a working class family could afford to visit the greater lands of North America; from Canada, United States, to México.  During those travels, while absorbing the experiences of different peoples, cultures and lands, there were the ‘down times’, the evening hours in that trailer where I could explore my ideas with an immediate and portable material….paper!  I look back on this rich and inventive life and see how all my ideas were explored drawing and building with paper.  A very rich life in experiences, personally and professionally.  I’ve seen great things and interacted with other famous creative people in the entertainment and art worlds.  All as result of being deeply committed to putting forth my best efforts, and more when I wondered if I had more to give.

Talent is a funny thing…unpredictable how it will turn out.  One’s ‘odds’ for experiencing greater returns are much more predicated upon the efforts ‘given’ to exploring and improving upon what life has given.  Key in all this is walking the path of ‘the giving way’.  This is a very hard lesson to accept for many; that our lives are defined by what we give to this life, not what we ‘take from it’.  Hence we, ‘TeamPAGO™’ and me as founder, put great emphasis on our company motto, “Give to Creativity™”.  Call it part of our ‘DNA’.  We keenly want to share this spirit with you via our products and story offerings.  Every invention from this artist, and our growing team, is infused with this spirit…we’re truly hoping it ‘catches on’ within you and those you care about.

Welcome to the World of IMAGO from the company, PAGO™, Inc. where we have many characters for you to experience through reading about them, and in particular, building them with your own ‘imprints’ upon them.  Our company derives its name from one of the principle protagonists, one of our ‘heroes’, PAGO™.  He was my first character creation, the one I used to ‘figure out’ a build system for characters.  From PAGO™, I quickly sought to give him a whole cast to interact with, hence, LIAGA™, his female counterpart in many ways, a ‘bestie’, OUAGO™, etc…. Of course, no story can exist without the counter to our heroes, those pesky villains, antagonists who love to stir up selfish troubles….

I came to story writing late in my life, yet in process of developing PAGO™ he needed a reason for existing.  He has proven to me that we all have a story to tell.  I hope you sense the excitement I feel expressing ideas about existence, culture, the spiritual, life’s struggles and curiosities through the storytelling of “PAGO™ and the World of IMAGO™”.  This is the first in a series of ensuing novels that I have outlined; currently in process of ‘putting ink-to-paper’.  In all this swirl of creativity we will share with each other, I hope your sense of adventure is tickled and your desire to express your creative heart is motivated.  The worst fear in the world of paper is its ‘ephemeral’ and ‘precious’ nature.  So, in explorations ‘accidents’ of a marking and/or tearing nature may ensue…’what to do?!’  Ahh, creative solutions are required!  Remember, as the artist/inventor of this world, there have been many, many ‘mistakes’…’oops moments’ in process and service of exploring these ideas.  There’s great benefit in this way of exploring ideas…. IT IS how creativity works!

Again, welcome to our world of paper, IMAGO™, and thank you for taking your own precious life moments to explore with us…. We’ll keep posting various messages and recorded experiences to share the enthusiasm reflected back to us through ‘PAGO™ Build Events’ at various fairs and school environments.  Your own stories and involvements with PAGO™ and the World of IMAGO™ may become part of our larger story here.

All the best wishes to you with your own strivings towards a thriving way…a creative way!

Eric Ward,

CCO, Founder

PAGO™, Inc.,

PAGO™ Toy Build System

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